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       Management Team
  - Our senior Management Team offers the perfect combination of knowledge, expertise and the desire to provide you with an incredibly dynamic product that will be recognizably unique.

      Owner & President   

Name:  G Suresh
Education:  Bachelor of Commerce
Job Role:

G Suresh is a passionate business leader over decades, entrepreneur, The CEO and founder of SeerMinds Technologies Pvt Ltd. Suresh started the business in 2012 with an ambition to revolutionize and professionalize the way that multinationals attract and retain the best talent, and to help the best people in the industry to reach their full potential.

In this position, he is responsible for the highly strategic global business. His responsibilities include outlining and achieving the mid-to-long term vision for the staffing business, driving accelerated growth and profitability and realizing near-and longer-term revenue.

      Chief Technology Officer  

Name:  Prasad Jadhav
Education:  Bachelor of Engineering & MBA
Job Role:

As Chief Technology Officer, Prasad Jadhav is responsible for the overall product development and technical direction of SeerMinds Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Since the inception of SeerMinds Technologies, Prasad has been responsible for the design and implementation of SeerMinds software solutions. He manages the company's day-to-day product development and delivery efforts for all products.